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African Agbada Men's Neck Embroidery Design 25015

African Agbada Men's Neck Embroidery Design 25015


Looking for someone to develop designs around African Agbada Men's Neck Embroidery Design for African men's clothing in South Africa. Try our designer to be optimally digitized for embroidery, contact us on WhatsApp number +917878537979

Available in multi formats such as DST, EMB, and JPG. This design's dimension is  706 X 307 mm, and the stitch count is 174916 with 2 thread colors.  

We also provide our users with the EMB file format for this design. You can edit the design to suit your clothing size and needs for embroidery. You can also add embellishments that are new, take out certain elements of the design, alter the density of its stitches and thread color, and increase or decrease the color of threads without unwelcome jumps, stitches, or minor mistakes that could affect your embroidery machines

There are many benefits to converting your embroidery designs to an Embroidery PNG File Format. This format is the most versatile and can be easily used for any printing project. However, if you're looking to print an embroidery design, We have included the PNG files with all mentioned file formats in this design after purchasing it. After all, you'll need it to make beautiful, high-quality projects.

You can contact us via WhatsApp for any kind of improvement in this design, increase or decrease in size, add or remove the figure, or any other question, send us the screenshot of this design and link, and we will help you.

African Agbada Men's Neck Embroidery Design 25015
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Mens Neck
Men's Neck Stitches / Points174916
Mens Neck Height706 mm | 70.6 cm | 27.7 Inches
Mens Neck Width307 mm | 30.7 cm | 12 Inches


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