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D20 Daman Monthly Package

67% OFF INR 9999
INR 3300
Availability : Instant Downloadable

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Available Design Formats


Under this package, You are Eligible to choose any 20 designs of your choice from Daman Designs . You just have to select any 20 SKU codes/URL of the designs you 
like from our website and send it to or in live chat after your purchase.

Your package is valid till 30 days from the date of purchase, so you are requested to take advantage of this offer before 30 days from your purchase

What if I have bought monthly package and want more than 20 designs?

- If your monthly 20 design limit is crossed and you want more design, you can purchase the same 
package again and you are eligible to get more 20 designs of your choice from our website.

If you calculate amount per design for Daman Design,Surprised it is only 165 Rupees /Design for total 20 designs.Surprised 
The regular price for neck designs on our website is 388-635+ Rupees.

If you want any design splitted and formatted as per your machine's configuration, you can let us know 
your machine's model number, Hoopsize & Required Format. (Splitting Charge is not included with the package)

If you want to consult your design or modify any design, you may send design with your modification 
criteria on to get quotation for your order.

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