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Stylist Arabic Dress Neck Embroidery

Stylist Arabic Dress Neck Embroidery


Get Stylist Arabic Dress Neck Embroidery for your computerized embroidery machine. This trendy embroidery is a high-quality design that will elevate the look of your Embroidery projects and crafty ideas! This beautiful embroidery design looks amazing stitched on towels, Jackets, curtains, clothes, home decor, or T-shirts.

The design has the following file formats: EMB, DST, JPG, HUS, PNG, and PES. (If you need another format that is not listed here don't hesitate to get in touch with us before purchasing the design).

We also provide an EMB file format for this design. You are able to easily modify this design to suit your clothing size and requirements for embroidery. You can also add embellishments that are new, take out parts of this design, and change the density of its stitches as well as color changes to the thread. increase or decrease thread colors, without unnecessary jumps, stitches, or small errors that affect the embroidery.

While the size of your design may be important, remember that if you're going for a professional look, you'll want to make sure that it fits the space where you'll be stitching. Flat embroidery is great for text, but it can't be tiny, and it's difficult to read if the font is too small. While flat embroidery is good for small details, use our Embroidery Digitizing Service to get these benefits.


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Stylist Arabic Dress Neck Embroidery
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  • Design#: 22MY37

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Neck Stitches / Points86111
Neck Height437 mm | 43.7 cm | 17.2 Inches
Neck Width259 mm | 25.9 cm | 10.1 Inches
Neck Depth171 mm | 17.1 cm | 6.7 Inches
Neck Inner Width177 mm | 17.7 cm | 6.9 Inches
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