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Simple Embroidery Designs Blouse 26365

Simple Embroidery Designs Blouse 26365


Are you looking for a simple embroidery designs blouse? We have launched the latest embroidery designs for designer skirts, traditional dresses, embroidery saree only for you that are available in EMB, DST file format and you can download this simple embroidery blouse online from our website. You can browse our website for more beautiful simple embroidery designs for blouses.

Simple Embroidery Designs Blouse 26365
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  • Design#: 26365

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Blouse Stitches / Points11387
Blouse Height213 mm | 21.3 cm | 8.37 Inches
Blouse Width103 mm | 10.3 cm | 4 Inches
Blouse Neck Depth178 mm
Blouse Inner Width62 mm
Back AvailableYes
Back Stitches / Points24342
Back Height236 mm | 23.6 cm | 9 Inches
Back Width201 mm | 20.1 cm | 7 Inches
Sleeve Stitches / Points14345
Sleeve Height34 mm | 3.4 cm | 1 Inches
Sleeve Width303 mm | 30.3 cm | 11.92 Inches


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