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24 Oct Best Turkish Embroidery Designs
Sandhya 0 152
The art of embroidery is unique and will always be considered a beautiful design to be implied on various textiles. This embroidery design has its charm. The art of embroidery that belongs to ancient times with its roots from the dawn to the present here has become a vital part of Turkish culture. I..
07 Oct Best V Shape Neck Embroidery Designs
Sandhya 0 119
Neck designs are the most important part of the blouse or suits that we wear during any event. The complete look of the attire depends upon the neck design that you are wearing. Now, there are multiple types of neck designs available in the market, and amongst them, one of the most popular is the V ..
15 Sep Best Machine Embroidery Designs for Kitchen Towels
0 114
Embroideries are a wonderful thing, it will make any simple piece of clothing look absolutely unique and beautiful in just one go. IT is used in attires, towels and many more things we use. Check out a few of the popular machine embroidery designs that can be used as kitchen towels in this post.Kitc..
09 Sep What are the Best Embroidery Designs for Wedding Blouse
0 133
Wedding blouses come in multiple beautiful embroidery designs, patterns, and cuts. Embroidery designs make your attire look magnificent and adds a different glow to it. And there is no doubt that when it comes to weddings, the blouse must have a very attractive look and there are multiple choices fo..
11 Aug Sewing & Embroidery Machine Manuals
0 131
If you are looking for any sewing or embroidery machine manual, we are going to include that in this article. Here we will list almost all embroidery machines and sewing machine manuals that are downloadable. You can easily download those manuals for your machines into PDF file format document The m..
11 Aug Free Embroidery Applique Designs
0 122
Maybe you are looking for Free Appliques for Machine Embroidery, that's why you are here on this page. At embdesigntube, we would always like to give freebies to our members who are looking for Applique Patterns for Embroidery Machines for their business. We have listed few FREE embroidery designs o..
11 Aug Best Commercial Embroidery Machine
0 146
If you have big ideas and start your very own big embroidery shop, or you want to start a small embroidery business, you will need an embroidery machine for the production.The main difference between home embroidery machines and commercial embroidery machines is that usually, home embroidery machine..
11 Aug Download Embroidery Designs
0 189
We have recently come up with Free embroidery design giveaway and we have received a lot of responses from so many embroideries enthusiastic. Also, this is the last month of this year and the next year is 2016. If you are a small business owner or an embroidery machine owner, you might be looking fo..
11 Aug Types of Neck Embroidery Patterns
0 233
The neckline is the primary element of your stylish clothing and we need to choose the most suitable design of neck for your perfect clothing like Neckline Sewing Patterns, shirt & kurta designs, etc. Fancy clothing can be applied on Eid, marriage events, and unique functions because this has rich a..
11 Aug Designer Lehenga - Indian Kali Embroidery Design
0 121
Are you looking for Indian Ghagra Choli embroidery designs? Do check out this interesting Lehenga Cholis Online embroidery design here. This design was having measurements as follows.Stitches/Points21630Design typeFlat EmbroideryThread colors3Height(mm)400Width(mm)161Handwork SpaceYesDesign FormatEM..
11 Aug Top 10 Boat Neck Blouses Styles - Boat Neck Blouse Patterns
0 308
Boat neck blouse styles and designs are having a huge demand in recent days and becoming popular day by day. It's a little bit stylish and updated than the regular type of stereotyped blouse designs. There are so many ways you can make your boat neck blouses more stylish and fashionable on your sare..
11 Aug Halter Neck Blouse - Embroidery Trends
0 138
To give trendy touch and modern twist to your saree, making sure that it should show off a lot of beauty is to make something cool and trendy like a halter neck blouse. Yes, boat neck blouse & Halter neck blouses are not the only fashion to look gorgeous, but also giving a most sophisticated appeara..
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