Embroidery enthusiasts with the Usha Janome 450e embroidery machine, rejoice! Elevate your artistic endeavors with our specially curated embroidery design packs tailored for the machine's unique vertical and horizontal hoop sizes. Whether you're seeking intricate patterns, versatile motifs, or personalized designs, our collection is designed to fuel your creativity and make every stitch a masterpiece.

Vertical Hoop Size Designs

For those who prefer working within the 200mm x 280mm vertical hoop size, our collection boasts a diverse array of designs to suit every taste. Click here to explore and download designs that seamlessly fit this specification. From florals to abstract art, our vertical hoop size selection ensures that your creations are bound only by your imagination.

Horizontal Hoop Size Designs

If the horizontal hoop size of your Usha Janome 450e is your preferred canvas, we've got you covered. Click here to access a treasure trove of designs perfectly optimized for the 200mm x 280mm horizontal hoop. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities as you bring these designs to life with your embroidery machine's precision.