Want to order a customized embroidery sleeve design for the blouse? Visit embdesigntube.com for customized embroidery service. Here in this article, we will show you how you can order customized embroidery sleeves designs for blouses.

Things you need to order sleeves designs for blouses

  • Measurement
  • Reference Design / Image
  • Required Format (Format that your machine supports)
  • Hoop size that your machine supports

If you have created a designer sleeveless blouse, you do 't need sleeve or border designs for your blouse. But you can order a customized sleeve for your blouse if you have a measurement, reference, and format that you need.

How to order embroidery designs for blouse sleeves from us

  • Get in touch with us using WhatsApp or Email using this contact form
  • Provide us Reference image/ Measurement / Format / Stitch limit etc
  • We will give you a quotation & time limit to finish your order
  • We will send you a payment link
  • Once you pay, your order gets confirmed
  • You will receive your order within the mentioned timeframe

We create all kinds of Embroidery designs including Neckline Embroidery, Lace border embroidery, Blouse Neck Embroidery, Saree or Dupatta designs, or even Embroidery Monogram Fonts or appliques too.

Head over to Embdesigntube.com and select your favorite design at an affordable price. If you don't find your favorite embroidery designs from there, feel free to contact us using WhatsApp or Email using this contact form with your requirement.