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Latest Machine Embroidery Blouse Designs

Latest Machine Embroidery Blouse Designs


Check out the Latest Machine Embroidery Blouse Designs for your upcoming embroidery project. These blouse embroidery designs are created by limited 3 thread color and it gives you an amazing look. You can also check out machine embroidery designs for sarees from our website. Embroidery clients are always looking for a different taste of the latest computer embroidery blouse designs online and at, you will get exactly what you need.

The golden color neck embroidery looks like you had to wear a gorgeous gold necklace so you didn't need any extra jewelry. You can search for many blouse embroidery designs on our website's page. we also created customized computer designs for blouses similar to this concept and publish them on our site.

Are you looking for the latest computer embroidery designs for blouses? We have launched the latest computer design blouses for computer blouse designs machine embroidery, blouse neck embroidery designs, embroidery saree only for you that are available in EMB, DST file format and you can download this Design for embroidery online from our website. we have many computer embroidery designs latest on our website. You can browse our website for more beautiful machine blouse design and new computer embroidery designs.

Latest Machine Embroidery Blouse Designs
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  • Model Number: 21JN05
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Blouse Stitches / Points41634
Blouse Height317 mm | 31.7 cm | 12.4 Inches
Blouse Width269 mm | 26.9 cm | 10.5 Inches
Blouse Neck Depth172 mm | 17.2 cm | 6.7 Inches
Blouse Inner Width160 mm | 16 cm | 6.2 Inches
Back Height349 mm | 34.9 cm | 13.7 Inches
Back Width636 mm | 63.6 cm | 25 Inches
Sleeve Stitches / Points37728
Sleeve Height148 mm | 14.8 cm | 5.8 Inches
Sleeve Width301 mm | 30.1 cm | 11.8 Inches
Creative Idea
Stitches / Points108657


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