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05 Sep How to Remove Embroidery From a Jacket
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When removing an embroidered patch, it's essential to be extremely careful. Attempting to cut away the patches can cause damage to the fabric. Many commercial embroidery designs include foundational stitches that must be removed. Cutting patch from the fabric also harms the items of clothing. In mos..
05 Sep Can I Use Embroidery Thread For My Sewing Machine?
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If you are new to sewing and are unsure whether to use regular sewing thread or embroidery thread, then read on to learn about both advantages. Embroidery thread is thinner, durable, and washable.It also works smoothly and offers a high sheen. Try polyester if you are looking for a durable sewing th..
21 Aug How to Digitize a Logo for Embroidery
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Before you start learning how you can digitize a logo for embroidery, you should first create the logo you want to use.Using a logo maker tool may be the best option, as it will help you to eliminate any blank spaces and place the logo in the correct size. Then you'll be able to create the embroider..
17 Aug Best Magnifying Glasses For Sewing
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Love to sew on clothes? But miss many of the details? If yes, then you need the magnifying glass for sewing & while digitizing on embroidery machines.A magnifying glass is essential for Sewing so that you cannot miss a single detail while sewing. So, today, in our article, we will discuss the best m..
17 Aug How to Turn a Photo Into a Machine Embroidery Design
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You can make a machine embroidery design by digitizing a photo. However, you need to create a duplicate image before digitizing a photo. You will also need to choose a stitch direction necessary for the conversion. We have made this guide for you to make you an expert in creating a machine embroider..
16 Aug How to Put Embroidery Design on Fabric
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Before you start embroidering, you must know how to put embroidery designs on fabric. You will need tracing paper, a pencil, and pattern transfer paper. The next process is to press the design to the fabric. This is important because it cannot be moved once the design is on the fabric. Besides, you ..
16 Aug How to Resize an Embroidery Design
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If you want to modify your embroidery design, you may have to resize it to use it. Depending on your embroidery software, there are a couple of ways to do this. Changing the height and width of the design will alter the aspect ratio, but the number of stitches remains the same.You can undo any chang..
15 Aug How to Split an Embroidery Design
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Still confused, how you can digitize huge embroidery design into smaller hoop machine? Don't worry! Simply by splitting embroidery file. We will discuss how to split an embroidery design. We will also discuss Hoop size, Trims, and Stitching options. Hopefully, you'll find this helpful!  If you don’t..
15 Aug How to Design a Logo for Embroidery
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To learn how to design a logo for embroidery, you should start by reviewing the basics. Several important aspects to consider when designing a logo include the color palette, thin lines, blends of colors, and fabric.Read through the article to learn more. Once you've finished reviewing these details..
15 Aug Easy Embroidery Patterns Flowers
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These Easy Embroidery Patterns Flowers have fully bloomed and the flowers are ready to be stitched. Create a mini garden for an existing garment or table cloth by stitching flowers of a different range of sizes and colors.Check out our beautiful section of creative and simple flower embroidery desig..
14 Aug Americana Embroidery Designs
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Here we bring some ideas to use Americana Embroidery Designs on your clothes, and as gifts to give! With this American Machine Embroidery Design USA Flag Sunglasses and American Flag Embroidery Design, you can make these beautiful modern T-shirts and caps.The best way to use these mini embroidery pa..
24 Oct Best Turkish Embroidery Designs
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The art of embroidery is unique and will always be considered a beautiful design to be implied on various textiles. This embroidery design has its charm. The art of embroidery that belongs to ancient times with its roots from the dawn to the present here has become a vital part of Turkish culture. I..
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