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Embroidery Designs For Kurta 19647

Embroidery Designs For Kurta 19647


Planning to buy Embroidery Designs For Kurta for men? Check out this Men's Kurta Neck Embroidery Design for your upcoming embroidery project. It's become a trend for gents to wear embroidered kurtas during wedding season and this might be the latest kurta work design for men.

Still, searching for the male embroidery designs? Our expert embroidery designer team from India has created this specific men's kurta embroidery design machine embroidery design specially for you, which includes beautiful figures and shapes in this latest men's kurta neck embroidery design. You can browse our website for more beautiful embroidery designs for men's kurta, men's embroidery designs, and men's kurta embroidery designs. you can use our Neck embroidery designs on men's kurtas for any occasion. 

Want to download embroidery designs for kurtas for men? try our best quality kurta embroidery design for men. You can browse our website for more beautiful kurta embroidery designs. you can use this design to create finish products like kurta work design for men, gents kurta embroidery designs, embroidery designs kurta for men, embroidery designs kurta, embroidery designs for kurta gents, embroidery design on the kurta, men's kurta embroidery designs, men's kurta with embroidery.

embroidered machine embroidery designs for men's kurta in 2 colors with 13233 stitches and its size is 289 X 83 mm. you can download embroidery patterns for your clients from our website

you can create finish products like embroidered machine embroidery embroidery designs for men's kurta and embroidery kurta for men with this design, embroidery men's kurta.


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Embroidery Designs For Kurta 19647
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  • Design#: 19647

Available Options

Mens Neck
Men's Neck Stitches / Points13233
Mens Neck Height289 mm | 28.9 cm | 11.3 Inches
Mens Neck Width83 mm | 8.3 cm | 3.2 Inches
Sleeve Stitches / Points3187
Sleeve Height30 mm | 3 cm | 1.1 Inches
Sleeve Width165 mm | 16.5 cm | 6.4 Inches
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