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Blouse Full Set Designs 22935

Blouse Full Set Designs 22935


To convert this design into another file type like Flat + Sequins, Fully Sequins, Flat and Cording, Only Cording, Double Sequins, 4 Sequins, Chain Embroidery, Bead Embroidery or any other as per your business requirement using our Order New Designs using our service page. Need any other help? contact on WhatsApp or email support
Blouse Full Set Designs 22935
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  • Model Number: 22935
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Blouse Stitches / Points9911
Blouse Height202
Blouse Width86
Blouse Neck Depth175
Blouse Inner Width118
Back AvailableYes
Back Stitches / Points31745
Back Height338
Back Width241
Back Neck Depth251
Sleeve Stitches / Points43780
Sleeve Height200
Sleeve Width300
Blouse Design QualityPremium


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