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[1]  What is ?
We are biggest Embroidery Design provider since more than 3 years on Internet. Our embroidery designs are used in current trends and wildly running flat, sequins and cording Embroidery Designs.We are having online designer team and designer team working from all over the world. We are a team of highly energized professionals with a world-class background and experience of working with some of the largest and best retail/fashion companies in India. Each one of us is equally passionate about providing the best online shopping experience to our customers, building the best online E-Commerce technologies and sourcing your favorite merchants and brands. You can learn more about us from About page.

Embdesigntube holds currently 4 main section as follows. You can shop and purchase latest embroidery designs from our Latest Designs Section. On Special Offer Section, you will be able to purchase embroidery designs in bulk at lowest price. On our service section, you will be able to order new custom embroidery designs based on your concept, design consulting section offers our highly qualified designs consultant to consult your design for machine friendly and you can share your designs with us. On Seller section, you can earn money by sharing your latest embroidery designs.
[2]  What Special Offer Section Offers
Special offer section is designed specially for those embroidery designers who are interested in purchasing designs in bulk. There will be no preview for the designs only available name for which type of designs are in current offer, just you pay the little amount for that and get access to bulk embroidery designs download links from our website valid for limited time decided by admin.
[3]  What Service Section Offers
In Service section of Embdesigntube, there is mainly 3 Services. You will be able to order new custom designs based on your concept, design consulting service offers our highly qualified designs consultant to consult your design for machine friendly and you can share your designs with us.
[4]  What Sell with Us Section Offers
Sell with us is an interesting section for the embroidery designers who willing to earn decent income just from sitting on home. All you need to do is register new seller account with us. Once you got approved seller account from Embdesigntube, you will be able to sell your embroidery designs with us. You will get 60% commision on each sell your uploaded designs. This way, you can submit as many designs as you can and in return you will get 60% commision for that.
[5]  I Have Uploaded Number of Designs When It Will Be Visible?
You have uploaded product that is subject to approval from admin. So make sure you are submitting designs that is with fully punched, already removed unwanted functions from designs, ready to work with specific machines. You need to upload designs with full description like designs name, ,design type(Flat/sequin/Cording/schiffli), Machine supported(In which machine the design can be used) , Number of colors, height, widths, stitches/points etc. If your uploaded designs has this all crietria, there is maximum chances to get your designs approved.
[6]  How Much Can I Earn Money As A Seller?

If you registered as seller on our website, you will be eligible to share your latest quality embroidery designs on our website.Here is little idea about How much you can earn per month.

Price per product page you upload

$10 USD(Approx)

Number of time your product Sold/Day

10 times

Your Commision 60%

$6 USD x 10 times


$60 USD/Day


$60x30 = $1800 USD/ Month

This is simple calculation based on your one product listing. If you upload best of the products you have, they will have more chance of customer purchase & this way you can make decent amount of money.One product page contains 5 designs with zip folder.

Suppose you are uploading product that has listed as price of $10 USD & your commision set is 60%, the number of time your product will sold, the number of time you will earn.If you have uploaded 10 product page on our site, and your each 10 quality products are sold 10 times per day, your total earning per day would be $600 USD per day. So this way, there is no need for you to do job, just share and upload designs on our site, promote it to get it purchased.
[7]  I Am Embroidery Designer, Can I Open My Designer Store Online?
Yes, you can. All you need to do is just upload quality embroidery designs at our website. Once approved, you can send your product list to your clients that is located anywhere in the world. This way you can enlarge your business with us. You will have no need to visit client's site/ office to sell your designs. Just upload it on our website and tell your cliens to purhcase your designs from our website.
[8]  Is There Any Fees To Register As Seller?
No, to register as seller is absolutely free of cost. We will not charge anything from you. Besides that you will get 60% of commision on each sell of the product you have uploaded. We will keep 40% amount as administration fees. Once your product is sold more and more time, we will increase commision for you. For default, we set 60:40 (Seller : Embdesigntube) commision ration for all. We would increase seller commission once it reached to optimum level of selling.
[9]  I Have Purchased Designs From Embdesigntube, How Can I Have My Purchased Designs?
Once you have purchased designs from your cart, you will be able to track your purchaed products list from Order History page from your account.if you want to download the products you purchased, you can download it for maximum 10 times from Download section from your account.
[10]  What is Use Of Share Your Designs Section?
You can share the latest embroidery designs you have. We will use it for developement purpose , there will be no commision for that and nor it will be displyed on our website. We just check the concept of that designs to develope extra ordinery designs.

[11]  I Am Living Outside India, Can I Get Special Offer's Media Shipped To My Address?
No, Right now we allow shipping of Media Product containing embroidery designs of Special offer only in india's Largest Cities. If you are located outside India, you will need to compulsory choose instant download.You will get download links for all designs in bulk from instant download page.
[12]  What I Will Get By Sharing My Designs On Service Section?
If you share your designs on service section & if your designs has been chosen by our designer team , you might be eligible to get rewards as access to special offers section of our website for free.
[13]  Is There Any Time Limit To Download Designs From Special Offers Section?
Yes, there is predetermined time limit set by admin and it will be changed time to time. There will be time limit displayed on the special offers page. You will be eligible to download as much products listed on Special offers page as much you can for specified time limit set by admin.
[14]  Why My Seller Account is Disabled?
If you have repeatedly submitted the products that do not comply with our guidelines, your seller account will be temperory disabled. It will be enable for maximum 3 times by admin on seller's request. On repeated violating seller guidelines, your seller account will be permanently disabled and your submitted products will also deleted from our website.
[15]  What About Internet Disconnection or you could not download your purchased product?

If you are facing any issue like disconnection / internet connection failure. In such case we will allow you to download your purchased product upto 10 times from Download Section of your account. You can check with your bank/credit card/debit card for amount debited. If there is any debit you see from your account, and you are unable to see download link, please contact us.We will help you to provide you download link/refund process.