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We have been the biggest Embroidery Design provider since 28 April 2011 on the Internet. Our embroidery designs are used in current trends and wildly running flat, sequins, and cording Embroidery Designs. We are having an online designer team who work from all over the world. We are a team of highly energized professionals with a world-class background and experience working with some of the largest and best retail/fashion companies in India. Each one of us is equally passionate about providing the best online shopping experience to our customers, building the best online E-Commerce technologies, and sourcing your favorite merchants and brands. You can learn more about us from the About page.

Embdesigntube currently holds 4 main sections as follows. You can shop and purchase the latest embroidery designs from our Latest Designs Section. In the Bulk Downloads Section, you will be able to buy embroidery designs in bulk at the lowest price. In our service section, you will be able to order new custom embroidery designs based on your customer's requirement, design consulting section offers our highly qualified designs consultant to consult your design for machine friendly and you can share your designs with us. In the Seller section, you can earn money by sharing your latest embroidery designs.

its very easy to create your embroidery design account on embdesigntube, just see this video and follow steps.

In the latest design section, you can find world class quality embroidery designs with fully categorized of your choice.

Currently, we have more than 15 category available with all different stitch style & latest embroidery patterns & ready to use with the computerized embroidery machine.

Below points help you to find the best embroidery designs.

A. Full design information like Stitches/Points, Thread Colors, Height, Width, Design Type, Design File Format, Head Interval or Area, Verified / Tested, Sub-designs Info.

B. Best Stitch Quality

C. Image Preview With Best Thread Color

D. We Provide Free Software Based Design Splitting Service*

E. Free File Format Convert

F. Free Pre-Order Hoop Testing

If you need any other format design, we can always provide that to you. Sometimes, you might need single head embroidery design or your hoop is smaller, at that time, we can provide you the same design, split into multiple parts according to your hoop-size and requested file format.

Under bulk download, you can see video preview of the designs in the package. If you think you are not in budget for latest designs with FREE splitting, you might want to try this package. As you will get designs in bulk instead of buying specific according to your choice.

We launch this bulk package each month. Quality of the design may be compromize as compared to latest design section. However you still can use this designs according to your requirement. We don’t offer FREE splitting and converting to other file format in this package.

After the visit on the website, this video will explain to you how to order online embroidery designs, for see this video on youtube click here

Login/Sign up require.
Send us your requirement with measurement details.
We will send you design order quotation with order proccessing time limit.
Make Patment.
We will send following Details:

  1. Measurement outline draft according to you desire File Format and requirements.
  2. Actual size image for print on paper for scale embroidery area.
  3. Hoop size testing if required.

After getting conformation from your side, we will start work on your darft to fill embroidery.
We send you embroidery filled draft to check following Details:

  1. Thread Color
  2. Embroidery Figure Shape
  3. Embroidery Figure Arrangement

After getting conformation from your side, we will start work on your final design punching.
We will send you Final Design after completing punching.
Enjoy Embroidery !!!

First of all, we understand your requirement & make (FREE OF COST) simple line draft to check your measurement/embroidery area & compatibility of our design with your machine. We can provide you revised frame draft, so that we avoid modification charges after your hoop approval.


We test your machine for supported file format. (FREE OF COST)


Here are some reasons why we take charges if your requirement changes.

  1. We have to re-create the designs, that consume our designer team’s human hour.
  2. When we re-create designs according to your requirement we have to re-punch the designs & again quality check for batter service as our company promise.


Hope you understand why we take charges for changes or modification in any designs.

Some common file format that work with all machine are DST, PES, JEF, XXX, HUS, DSB .
File format convert is very depending on embroidery area, number of stitch & thread colors.

Design Extension / FormatMachine Brand, Type, Name
EMBWilcom design file
DSTTajima file format
XXXCompucon/Singer PSW embroidery design file
HUSHusqvarna / Viking
PECDeco, Brother, Babylock
DSZ / ZSKZSK machine
ARTArtista designs
SEWJanome / Elna / Kenmore
CSDPoem, Huskygram, Singer EU
EMCClipart Files
ESLWilcom ESL file format
INBInbro file
PESBrother embroidery machine file format
JEFJanome / Elna / Kenmore
VP3Husqvarna / Viking / Pfaff
VIPHusqvarna / Viking / Pfaff

When you have single head embroidery machine and want to use our big embroidery designs in small hoop size, we offer free hoop testing for our customer to check your machine’s maximum embroidery area.

When we test it we require some information like

  1. your machine’s brand name & model number
  2. biggest hoop size (height & width)
  3. machine’s supported file format

Then after we send 4(four) size of square embroidery designs in your machine’s supported file format,

Example, if your machine size is 200mm X 300mm and file format is PES, we send 4 designs like
       A.200mm X 300mm.PES
       B.190mm X 290mm.PES
       C.180mm X 280mm.PES
       D.170mm X 270mm.PES
The A is bigger size and D is smallest size, when you get this mail try which is size is best for your machine embroidery area and reply us with i,e A. 200mm X 300mm.PES is best for you, so we save your provided size for your future embroidery project.


We know 1st time hoop testing of little bit time consuming process, but if we have complete your hoop testing and we know your machine’s file format and working area this process will save our time when we want to split your designs and when you order custom embroidery design. It’s save our future time & we can give you quality service.

We use third-party payment gateway of atom & PayPal

We accept payment via
Debit(ATM) Card
Credit Card
Net Baking
Direct Bank Transfer (NEFT / IMPS)


1. According to our work policy we start work on your order after payment confirmation in our system, so If you choose direct bank transfer from out of India it may take 7 to 21 days to credit in our bank account.
2. Bank details available on checkout page.

As you know when you place the order on and make payment successfully we available your purchased embroidery design/s in a download section for download it and use it in your automatic computerised embroidery machine.

Here we give you the software link that extract embroidery designs from our provided zip file,
Here are two links, check your operating system for is it 32-bit or 64-bit,
if 32-bit click here,
for 64-bit click here

Download as per your operating system and use this app to extract our embroidery designs.

Free Hoop Testing - Frame Size & Design File Format
Login & download free embroidery designs for testing your machine hoop by click this link

File Format

Available machine's hoop size with 4 different size like Size-A, Size-B, Size-C, Size-D

1 - 70mm X 120mm24 - 140mm X 240mm47 - 200mm X 250mm
2 - 82mm X 120mm25 - 140mm X 250mm48 - 200mm X 260mm
3 - 88mm X 121mm26 - 145mm X 195mm49 - 200mm X 275mm
4 - 90mm X 125mm27 - 145mm X 255mm50 - 200mm X 280mm
5 - 90mm X 129mm28 - 147mm X 275mm51 - 200mm X 300mm
6 - 100mm X 100mm29 - 150mm X 240mm52 - 200mm X 350mm
7 - 100mm X 127mm30 - 150mm X 250mm53 - 200mm X 360mm
8 - 100mm X 150mm31 - 150mm X 255mm54 - 210mm X 400mm
9 - 108mm X 108mm32 - 150mm X 280mm55 - 215mm X 360mm
10 - 109mm X 127mm33 - 150mm X 360mm56 - 230mm X 300mm
11 - 110mm X 110mm34 - 155mm X 200mm57 - 240mm X 300mm
12 - 110mm X 170mm35 - 155mm X 210mm58 - 240mm X 355mm
13 - 114mm X 170mm36 - 160mm X 250mm59 - 240mm X 420mm
14 - 115mm X 120mm37 - 160mm X 260mm60 - 250mm X 360mm
15 - 115mm X 200mm38 - 170mm X 200mm61 - 250mm X 430mm
16 - 125mm X 175mm39 - 170mm X 254mm62 - 255mm X 400mm
17 - 127mm X 177mm40 - 170mm X 300mm63 - 280mm X 355mm
18 - 127mm X 255mm41 - 175mm X 280mm64 - 285mm X 290mm
19 - 130mm X 180mm42 - 175mm X 300mm65 - 300mm X 360mm
20 - 130mm X 240mm43 - 180mm X 300mm66 - 360mm X 360mm
21 - 140mm X 140mm44 - 198mm X 274mm67 - 380mm X 560mm
22 - 140mm X 200mm45 - 200mm X 200mm68 - 400mm X 520mm
23 - 140mm X 225mm46 - 200mm X 240mm

Everyone know paypal payment is secure and reliable for all in world, so we give below link for how you can signup and use paypal for make payment on embdesigntube and all other paypal payment supported platfom.
click below link that already published on

feel free to contact us if you face any problem during account opeing on paypal.

!!! have a good time !!!

1. Automatic software base splitting

Automatic splitting is software-based splitting. A jump at a specific interval is expected and output will not be as Quality as good. Sometimes you see the overlapping of designs piece when you digitize the design on cloth. You need to be sharp and experienced if you avail this splitting from us.

Since this is software-based splitting, we can offer you a discount on this splitting if designs are 25+ quantities, since it requires less human involvement as compared to manual splitting.  But again, if you believe in quality products, you should always opt for manual splitting.

Please refer to the below image for a better understanding.

2. Manual splitting
Manual splitting includes the figure cut down based on your machine’s hoop size. An entire piece of the figure will be split and helpful to adjust multiple parts in a single frame. It will be a quality design with good punching to avoid unwanted jumps.

PS: Manual splitting is time-consuming and costly, as it takes human involvement. Hence we can’t offer any discount or offer in manual splitting.

Please refer to the below image for a better understanding.

Once you have purchased designs from your cart, you will be able to track your purchaed products list from Order History page from your account.if you want to download the products you purchased, you can download it for maximum 10 times from Download section from your account.

If you have repeatedly submitted the products that do not comply with our guidelines, your seller account will be temperory disabled. It will be enable for maximum 3 times by admin on seller's request. On repeated violating seller guidelines, your seller account will be permanently disabled and your submitted products will also deleted from our website.

If you are facing any issue like disconnection / internet connection failure. In such case we will allow you to download your purchased product up to 10 times from Download Section of your account. You can check with your bank/credit card/debit card for amount debited. If there is any debit you see from your account, and you are unable to see download link, please contact us.We will help you to provide you download link/refund process.

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